South Surrey Course

The City of Surrey has developed three possible plans for some currently available park space in South Surrey. Option A, No disc golf and minimal services; Option B, Nine hole disc golf course and light services; Option C, 18 hole course and highly recreation focused. The full plan report can be downloaded at Relevant maps are on pages 8/9/10. The City has a survey online where you can vote your preference: Please take the time to read the plan and fill in the survey. Please also make sure you send this info to friends and family in Surrey! Thanks for your help. (Note: Please feel free to fill in the survey, even if you don’t live in Surrey–they’d like to know if this will bring people to the city).

About dlaitsch

Dan is an avid disc golfer who also enjoys Free Style, Ultimate, DDC, and other disc sports. He has worked hard to advance disc sports through leadership positions in the BCDSS and the Disc Golf Branch of the BCDSS.
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