New Pre-registration Policy

As we move toward a prepay model for event registration, we are initiating the following policy regarding the current free preregistration system:
Pre-registered players must notify the TD no later than 6:00PM the night before an event if they cannot attend. After 6:00PM appeals need to be made to the BCDS Board on compassionate grounds. Failure to notify the TD or the BCDS Board will result in revocation of the right to pre-register (although your name can be added to the waitlist for the next event). TD’s will report to the BCDS all players who fail to show up without notifying the TD in advance, and the BCDS will report players ineligible for pre-registration to the next TD.

This policy will be pilot tested for the next event, so please make sure to get in touch with Ryan Hammerquist if you pre-registered for the Robert Burnaby Duck Golf event and cannot make it.

Thanks for your help as we improve our registration systems and policies.

About dlaitsch

Dan is an avid disc golfer who also enjoys Free Style, Ultimate, DDC, and other disc sports. He has worked hard to advance disc sports through leadership positions in the BCDSS and the Disc Golf Branch of the BCDSS.
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