The BCDS announces a second round of Course Development Support

The BCDS has allocated $4,000 to a second round of provincial course development support for 2013/14. Applications must be received from a recognized club no later than May 30. There are no restrictions on the amount requested or requirements for a cash-match from the club; however, the pool is limited to $4000 across all applicants. As such, applicants are requested to provide a minimum and maximum request. Successful applicants will be expected to provide a report of the results of the project to be presented at the AGM and archived on the Website. A letter of support from the municipality is required for all infrastructure improvements and course development, unless the course is on private land (in which case a letter of support from the owner is required).

Deadlines and submission information

To apply for these funds, please send a description of your course development project, as well as details regarding how the funds will be spent. Make sure to include a minimum and maximum funding request and send the entire package to Paul Brownfield. Closing date is May 30, 2014.

About dlaitsch

Dan is an avid disc golfer who also enjoys Free Style, Ultimate, DDC, and other disc sports. He has worked hard to advance disc sports through leadership positions in the BCDSS and the Disc Golf Branch of the BCDSS.
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