Duck Finals

The following information has been posted into a Facebook Event by the event TD: Stewart McIsack. This information is subject to change, but did not appear to be available outside of Facebook so is being posted here for ease of access.


Both AM and PROS will be playing 36 holes on Saturday May 7th and playing a final 18 on Sunday May 8th. At this point, the course will only be available for play starting at 7am on May 7th. This could change based on registration numbers and please check this EVENT page for updates. Here is the schedule:

Saturday May 7th

8am – Registration Open
9am – Players Meeting
930am – First Round Begins
1pm – Lunch
230pm – Second Round Begins
630pm – Dinner

Sunday May 8th
9am – Players Meeting
930am – Final Round Begins
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Awards

Should there be a revision to the schedule it will be posted on this site.


Shared cart fees are included in your registration for this event on both days. This means you will be sharing carts with 1 of your other 3 playing companions. This riding companion will more than likely change each round you play. Therefore, we are asking that you return the carts for inspection and fuel at the end of each of your rounds. 18 Pastures Golf Course will be taking credit card imprints of EVERY player at the time of registration. Unlike past events where 1 of the 2 riders must put down the credit card to secure the cart, EVERY player must provide an imprint in order to ride in the carts. This is because your riding partner may not stay the same all weekend. If you do not have a credit card to do this, you will need to ask someone else that is playing in, or present at, the event to allow their card to be imprinted on your behalf. Should they choose to do this, they will be responsible for ALL 3 ROUNDS OVER THE COURSE OF 2 DAYS EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT RIDING WITH YOU OR PLAYING IN YOUR GROUP. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. You will not be allowed to check in without this process being complete. Therefore, we highly suggest that you register at the same time as this person to make things smoother.

3. FOOD:

In your registration package you will get up to 3 food vouchers (whatever number you have paid for) to be used at the tournament; Saturday Lunch, Sunday Lunch and Saturday Dinner. This tickets are not replaceable, SO DO NOT LOOSE THEM. Put them somewhere safe immediately. You will need to remit this tickets for your food. There is a vegetarian option available for 3 meals. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR FOOD THE DAY-OF. Also, to ensure everyone is fed on time and things move smoothly, the kitchen will not be taking any side orders. You need to register for the meals in advance or bring your food, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have not already registered for any of the meals and would like to, please private message Stewart McIsack in order to do so. Food numbers will be submitted on APRIL 29th to the golf course and at this point they will be final. We would encourage everyone to stick around for the Saturday Dinner and even invite your significant other as it should be a good time.


The owner of the golf course has graciously allowed us to camp on site to allow for an even better weekend experience. They will even provide some wood for burning. This said, the camping is FREE, but it is REQUIRED that you purchase a Saturday Dinner ticket to camp. If you think about it, $26.25 is nothing for 2 nights camping, fire wood and a BBQ Rib Dinner! Because space is limited and we have quite a few people camping that I am aware of, please private message Stewart McIsack if you are going to be camping and what type of vehicle and/or tent you will be needing space for. This will allow us to get organized in advance and ensure you know exactly where to setup when you arrive. It would really suck if you had to tear down camp and setup elsewhere in the middle of trying to focus on competing. This is very important, so please message Stewart ASAP on this.

Finally, we are working on maps and a potential practice round. Keep up-to-date with this page in order to get the latest information. New posts will come out from time to time and all will be dated so you know what is the most recent information. We are looking forward to this event and hope you are too.

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