The BCDS will be holding its AGM during lunch at the October 1 Duck Golf Event (as previously announced on Facebook). Preliminary agenda follows and lunch will be provided.

12:00 Credentials check in, proxy verification, sign-in, and lunch
12:15 Call to Order, Board introductions, and affirmation of quorum (20 members present)
12:15 AGM Agenda approval and addition of other business
12:20 Motion to approve minutes from AGM September 20th 2015 (see: http://discbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2015-BCDS-AGM-minutes.pdf)
12:25 Annual report – President
12:30 Financial report – Treasurer
12.45 Board elections –
• President-elect: nominations and presentations (elected to a one year term, three year leadership position).
• BCDS Nominations Committee recommendation: Carolynn Howard
• Treasurer: nominations and presentations (Two year term).
• BCDS Nominations Committee recommendation: Steve Crichton.
• Board Executive: nominations and presentations (elected to the second half of a two year term).
• BCDS Nominations Committee recommendation: Tara Lynch
• Presentation of other officers:
• President (moving on from President-elect): Leanne Fulton
• Past-President (moving on from President): Hector Daikow
• Appointed officers to be presented.
• Volunteers to be presented

1:00 Other Business
1:15 Adjournment

About dlaitsch

Dan is an avid disc golfer who also enjoys Free Style, Ultimate, DDC, and other disc sports. He has worked hard to advance disc sports through leadership positions in the BCDSS and the Disc Golf Branch of the BCDSS.
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