Duck Finals

The following information has been posted into a Facebook Event by the event TD: Stewart McIsack. This information is subject to change, but did not appear to be available outside of Facebook so is being posted here for ease of access.


Both AM and PROS will be playing 36 holes on Saturday May 7th and playing a final 18 on Sunday May 8th. At this point, the course will only be available for play starting at 7am on May 7th. This could change based on registration numbers and please check this EVENT page for updates. Here is the schedule:

Saturday May 7th

8am – Registration Open
9am – Players Meeting
930am – First Round Begins
1pm – Lunch
230pm – Second Round Begins
630pm – Dinner

Sunday May 8th
9am – Players Meeting
930am – Final Round Begins
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Awards

Should there be a revision to the schedule it will be posted on this site.


Shared cart fees are included in your registration for this event on both days. This means you will be sharing carts with 1 of your other 3 playing companions. This riding companion will more than likely change each round you play. Therefore, we are asking that you return the carts for inspection and fuel at the end of each of your rounds. 18 Pastures Golf Course will be taking credit card imprints of EVERY player at the time of registration. Unlike past events where 1 of the 2 riders must put down the credit card to secure the cart, EVERY player must provide an imprint in order to ride in the carts. This is because your riding partner may not stay the same all weekend. If you do not have a credit card to do this, you will need to ask someone else that is playing in, or present at, the event to allow their card to be imprinted on your behalf. Should they choose to do this, they will be responsible for ALL 3 ROUNDS OVER THE COURSE OF 2 DAYS EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT RIDING WITH YOU OR PLAYING IN YOUR GROUP. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. You will not be allowed to check in without this process being complete. Therefore, we highly suggest that you register at the same time as this person to make things smoother.

3. FOOD:

In your registration package you will get up to 3 food vouchers (whatever number you have paid for) to be used at the tournament; Saturday Lunch, Sunday Lunch and Saturday Dinner. This tickets are not replaceable, SO DO NOT LOOSE THEM. Put them somewhere safe immediately. You will need to remit this tickets for your food. There is a vegetarian option available for 3 meals. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR FOOD THE DAY-OF. Also, to ensure everyone is fed on time and things move smoothly, the kitchen will not be taking any side orders. You need to register for the meals in advance or bring your food, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have not already registered for any of the meals and would like to, please private message Stewart McIsack in order to do so. Food numbers will be submitted on APRIL 29th to the golf course and at this point they will be final. We would encourage everyone to stick around for the Saturday Dinner and even invite your significant other as it should be a good time.


The owner of the golf course has graciously allowed us to camp on site to allow for an even better weekend experience. They will even provide some wood for burning. This said, the camping is FREE, but it is REQUIRED that you purchase a Saturday Dinner ticket to camp. If you think about it, $26.25 is nothing for 2 nights camping, fire wood and a BBQ Rib Dinner! Because space is limited and we have quite a few people camping that I am aware of, please private message Stewart McIsack if you are going to be camping and what type of vehicle and/or tent you will be needing space for. This will allow us to get organized in advance and ensure you know exactly where to setup when you arrive. It would really suck if you had to tear down camp and setup elsewhere in the middle of trying to focus on competing. This is very important, so please message Stewart ASAP on this.

Finally, we are working on maps and a potential practice round. Keep up-to-date with this page in order to get the latest information. New posts will come out from time to time and all will be dated so you know what is the most recent information. We are looking forward to this event and hope you are too.

2015 British Columbia Provincial Championships

This September, the Golf Islands Disc Park celebrates its 35th anniversary!  Join us to participate in the BC Provincials tournament on Pender Island. This will be the first time the Pender Island Golf and Country Club will be utilized as one of the two courses for the tournament. There will be many benefits, both for participants and viewers.

September 19th and 20th,, 2015 are the dates of the tournament, which consists of two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday.  The top four players in the Open division will play a final nine, which will enable the rest of us in the gallery to watch the best disc golfers in BC.

On Friday, September 18th  by 1:30 pm, we will have the disc golf course set up at the Pender Island Golf and Country Club for participants to check-in and practice for the remainder of the day.  There is no additional cost for play on the Friday as this is covered in your $9 greens fee.

All players must check-in between 3 pm and 8 pm on Friday at the Pender Island Golf and Country Club.  No Exceptions.

This is a PDGA C-Tier sanctioned event. We are not assembling players’ packages, thereby keeping the fees lower and organization simpler.  There will however be some draw prizes to be won.  There is added cash for the Pros and added prizes for the Ams.

The Disc Cellar will be making the trip, and supplying the amateur prizes. Join us!

BCDS Club Discs

So you may have heard that the BCDS Club Discs arrived last week, and it looks like they are all here. In order to get your discs you need to go through a bit of a process, it is as follows:

  1. Discuss amongst your club and designate a club contact
  2. Have your club contact reach out to Paul Brownfield to verify that you have submitted registration information for the minimum number of club members
  3. Paul will confirm your clubs eligibility, and that the club is in good standing with the BCDS (that is fees are paid up)
  4. Once this confirmation takes place, you can submit your weight preference request to The Disc Cellar (if you have a lot of 150 class throwers, or are intending to use the discs to encourage growth you can ask that you receive more lighter plastic; mold distribution will be more or less the same amongst all eligible clubs). No discs will be released without confirmation from the BCDS that your club is eligible and in good standing.
  5. Your club contact will coordinate with The Disc Cellar in order to arrange pick-up
  6. Your club uses the discs to encourage membership growth and strengthen your club

Before you ask, all discs are custom stamped models from Innova, they include:

DX: Beast, Boss, Dart, Dragon, Leopard, Roc, Skeeter, Valkyrie, Wraith
Pro: Katana
Echo Star: Destroyer, Leopard, Tern
: Eagle, Sidewinder, Thunderbird
GStar: Thunderbird

Duck Golf #8: Mission Possible

Details for Duck Golf #8. Please note the early start time. See you Saturday!

– Check-in 8 – 8:45 am

– Players meeting 9 – 9:15 am

– Start time 9:30 am 1st round!

– 12:30 pm Break time

– Start time 1:00 – 1:30 pm 2nd round!

– Awards/Party 5:00 pm 14th Ave Pub 32516 14 Avenue (604) 826-0354

Want to win an award?

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else, The Disc Cellar has some awards they are accepting nominations for (these categories receive gift certificates):

  • Professional Disc Golfer of the Year (BC) – ungendered
  • Professional Women’s Disc Golfer of the Year (BC) – gendered
  • Amateur Disc Golfer of the Year (BC) – ungendered
  • Amateur Women’s Disc Golfer of the Year (BC) – gendered
  • Junior Disc Golfer of the Year (BC) – ungendered
  • Disc Golf Volunteer of the Year (BC) – ungendered
  • Disc Golf Tournament Director of the Year (BC) – ungendered
  • Canadian Disc Golfer of the Year – ungendered
  • Canadian Amateur Disc Golfer of the Year – ungendered
  • Canadian Disc Golf Artist of the Year – ungendered

These ones are bragging rights only:

  • Canadian Disc Golf Club of the Year
  • Disc Golf Course of the Year (BC)
  • Disc Golf Course of the Year (Canada)
  • Tournament Layout of the Year (BC)
  • Tournament Layout of the Year (Canada)
  • Sponsor of the Year (BC)
  • Sponsor of the Year (Canada)

If you want to make a nomination, go and read more about the awards on their website.

Duck Golf #3 & #4

Registration is currently open for both Langley (Duck Golf #3) and Nanaimo (Duck Golf #4).

Langley is currently full with a waitlist of 5 players. They have already increased capacity from 72 (4/pad) to 90 (5/pad). In order to account for the longer rounds that larger groups causes, the player’s meeting will be at 8:30am and the first round will start at 9:00am. There will be no day of registration. As per the tournament policy, full refunds will be processed until the close of registration, after that time it’s at the TD’s discretion. Keep in mind that if you drop out of the event at this time, there is someone waiting in line to take your spot.

If you want to get on the waitlist for Langley, go through the regular registration process (including payment) and you will be added to the waitlist. If you do not get in the event, you will receive a full refund of your payment.

Nanaimo is a full month away, but registration is now open for it as well. There are handy countdown timers in the sidebar (scroll down on mobile) for when registration closes, and direct links to event details, registration and the current list of registered players.

VanCity United: Trilogy Challenge

The 4th event in the lower mainland series is the Trilogy Challenge on Monday August 4th. The event is specifically targeted towards newer or less experienced players.  Full registration details:

Registration deadline: before Wednesday, July 23rd.
Cost: $35 for non-BCDS members/ $30 for members (read the registration page on how to get the discount)

  • Check-in: 10am
  • Player’s meeting: 10:45am
  • First round: 11:00am

The player’s packages (included in your entry fee) includes all the equipment you need to play that day (you may only use the 3 new discs you receive):

  • Three previously unreleased disc golf discs
    • Dynamic Discs Thief (fairway driver)
    • Latitude 64 Claymore (midrange)
    • Westside Shield (putter)
  • A Trilogy Mini
  • Trilogy Stickers
  • A Trilogy Lanyard
  • A Trilogy Bag Tag
  • A Trilogy Koozie