Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

Disc golf is a game that expects high standards of etiquette and courtesy. Among the basic considerations of etiquette are such things as concern for spectators and other players and respect for plant life on the course.

The Official Rules of Disc Golf, as developed and maintained by the Professional Disc Golf Association at, have been designed to promote fair play for all disc golfers, and are officially endorsed by the BCDSS Disc Golf Branch as our Player Code of Conduct. The PDGA is the governing body for the sport of Disc Golf, and sanctions competitive events for men and women of every skill level from novice to professional. If you have any questions about the PDGA, visit the PDGA website.

All BCDSS-DGB tournaments, including the Duck Golf Tournament Series, use the latest edition of the PDGA Rulebook.  However, since our events are not always PDGA-sanctioned, the inclusion of local rules and any special conditions which apply during the tournament is acceptable, as long as those rules and conditions are explicitly announced at the Players’ Meeting prior to the start of the tournament.

We strongly encourage all BCDSS Disc Golf members to familiarize themselves with the Official Rules of Disc Golf.

BCDSS-DGB members can take the Certified PDGA Officials Test free ($10US value).

Disqualification and Suspension

For all PDGA-sanctioned events held in BC, the official PDGA rules apply regarding disqualification and suspension. For all other BCDSS-DGB tournaments, the official PDGA rules apply, and in addition, the BCDSS-DGB may seek additional Disciplinary Action.

Disciplinary Actions

In addition to penalties assessed by the Tournament Director at the site of the infraction, the DGB board reserves the right to take further disciplinary action if the violation is deemed severe enough.

Here is the process for handing out suspensions:

  1. The DGB board will notify the player that he/she is suspended until further notice, pending a hearing to be held at a later date.
  2. The player in question may submit a statement to be read out at the hearing.
  3. The board members vote on the suspension.
  4. If the board votes in favor of suspension, the details will be published on this website.