Q & A: The Sport of Goaltimate
By Craig Giles, taken from www.goaltimate.com

What is Goaltimate?

Goaltimate is a sport similar to Ultimate except that its played on a smaller circular field and the object is to catch the disc in a endzone area after it is thrown through a large arch. Like half-court basketball, the disc must be taken past a clear line after each goal or turn-over. Some players indicate that they enjoy Goaltimate more than Ultimate due to its faster pace, non-stop play and the fact that everyone get to handle the disc more.

The current Goaltimate craze is mainly due to the investment of time and money by Rick Connor who also maintains the Goaltimate website at www.goaltimate.com. Rick Connor also heads the International Goaltimate Organization (I.G.O.) which is the governing body for the sport.

How do you play the game?

The rules of Goaltimate are very similar to the rules of Ultimate and is played very much like the practice game of box. Goaltimate is different from Ultimate however in the following ways:

  1. Goalimate has six players per team. Four are in play, with two remaining in the Substitution Box.
  2. The game starts from behind the Clear Line when a Defensive player taps the disc held by an Offensive player.
  3. The disc is thrown from player to player, in order to penetrate the goal arch and catch the disc within the End Zone. A turnover occurs if the Defense intercepts or knocks down the disc.
  4. The disc cannot be thrown backwards through the goal arch or a turnover results.
  5. The stall count is only five seconds. Any Defensive player may call the stall count from anywhere on the field as long as the thrower can hear the stall count.
  6. Each goal counts for 1 point, with 2 points awarded for goals thrown from behind the Clear Line.
  7. After a goal, there is no stop in play. The Offense maintains possession and must work the disc back to the Clear Line in order to advance for another score. Because there are no stoppages in play, substitutions happen “on the fly”.
  8. At every turnover the disc must be once again taken back across the clear line.
  9. There are no restrictions on the number of players who may be within ten feet of the thrower.
  10. MAC’s are permitted.
  11. Games are played to 5 points and are part of a “Best-of-5” game series.

What does the Goaltimate field look like?

The Goaltimate field is a circle 60 yards in diameter. PVC piping forms an arch (the “Goal”) 11 feet high and 18 feet wide at the base and is located at the front of the End Zone. The End Zone is a half-oval 24 feet wide and 24 feet deep. The back of the end zone starts 10 yards from one end of the playing feild. A two-point line 40 yards long is located 20 yards in front of the Goal. A clear line forms an arc from each end of the two-point line and 10 yards deep at the center. The substitution box is at one side of the field. (See diagram)