Duck Golf Series


Players Meeting 9:30am, Tee-Off 10:00am unless otherwise posted. Registration generally available through the or as otherwise noted.
Contact Iain Warren for more details.
Date Course Location
Oct. 4, 2014 Whistler (private course)

  • 8:00-8:30am: player check-in
  • 8:45am: player’s meeting
  • 9:00am: first round starts
Whistler, BC
Oct 18, 2014 Rose Hill (location change) Kamloops, BC
Nov 1, 2014 Langley Passive Park
Note: 8:30 player meeting, 9:00 tee off (to accommodate 90 players)
Langley, BC
Nov 22, 2014 Bowen Park (9:15 player meeting) Nanaimo, BC
Dec 6, 2014  Musqueam Golf Club (location change) Vancouver, BC
Dec 20, 2013 TBA Squamish, BC
 Jan 10, 2015 Victoria (TBA)  Victoria, BC
 Feb 7, 2015 Heritage Park  or Centennial Park Mission, BC
 March 7, 2015  Robert Burnaby Park (Ams only) Burnaby
 March 8, 2015  Robert Burnaby Park (Pro/Adv)  Burnaby

Duck Golf Rules and Regulations (tentative for 2014/15, revisions possible)

Highlights | Series Format | Divisions and Entry Fees | Series Points and Prizes | Payouts

Tournament Directors Information | Where the Money Goes


Highlights of the regulations for the series are as follows, although you are encouraged to review all information on the page:

  • The Series fee is $5 per player (included in the registration fee), and is used to cover both series and tournament expenses. Each event is allocated up to $100 in tournament expenses from this fee (no receipts required). Additionally, up to $300 of expenses will be reimbursed by the BCDSS/DGB for use to secure permits (required) and washrooms at the course (also required). This money will be returned to the TD after receipts are submitted to the BCDSS/DGB Treasurer. Series awards, as well as promotion, printing, equipment, etc will be purchased using series fee funds. As a consequence, it is important that all series fees be submitted to a BCDSS/DGB officer as soon as possible after the tournament’s conclusion. No expenses beyond the $400 dollars ($100+300) will be reimbursed without prior approval of the DGB. If a TD has not used all of the $300 pot for permits and washrooms, he/she can allocate the rest of the money to course maintenance and improvements (receipts required).
  • The CTP fee is $2 per player
  • The Ace Pot is also $2 per player, and the Ace Pot will now be a rollover Ace Pot, being paid out only when an Ace is actually scored during series play. The ace pot will be paid out in money, but may not be paid out in cash, or at the event where the Ace took place (logistical challenges).
  • A BCDSS/DGB fee of $1 is included to help fund other Disc Golf Branch initiatives. Total fees are $5 (series) + $2 CTP + $2 Acepot + $1 DGB = $10 fees.
  • Permits will be required for all tournaments.
  • All tournaments will be required to provide washroom facilities at the course.
  • Amateur divisions will be paid out in prizes and not cash whenever possible, keeping with the spirit of a true amateur division.
  • Pro divisions payouts are 40% of the field
  • Amateur Advanced divisions payouts are 45% of the field
  • Amateur Intermediate, Novice and Junior divisions payouts are 50% of the field
  • All Tournaments Directors are required to remit a Financial Report after their event, for tracking, transparency, and facilitating grants and series reports. This report can be found at the front of the Sign Up Sheet.

Series Format:

The 2014-2015 Duck Golf Winter Series will consist of 9 events (see above schedule).
Each event will have the same base entry fees and will follow the same base payout table. All tournaments use the latest edition of the PDGA rulebook. If an event will deviate from the standard series fees or payouts, that information will be communicated at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Such a change requires approval from the Duck Golf Committee. However, since our events are seldom PDGA sanctioned, the inclusion of local rules are acceptable and they will be explicitly announced at the players’ meeting prior to the start of the tournament.

Divisions and Entry Fees (note: may be revised for 2014/15)

Each event will offer the following 12 divisions. Note: BCDSS Members save $5. The division fees will remain the same as they were last year:

  1. Pro Open  $45 (BCDSS Members $40)
  2. Pro Masters $40 (BCDSS Members $35)
  3. Pro Grand Masters $35 (BCDSS Members $30)
  4. Pro Women $35 (BCDSS Members $30)
  5. Amateur Advanced $35 (BCDSS Members $30)
  6. Amateur Advanced Masters $30 (BCDSS Members $25)
  7. Amateur Advanced Women $30 (BCDSS Members $25)
  8. Amateur Intermediate $30 (BCDSS Members $25)
  9. Amateur Intermediate Women $25 (BCDSS Members $20)
  10. *Novice $25 (BCDSS Members $20)
  11. *Novice Women $25 (BCDSS Members $20)
  12. *Junior $15 (BCDSS Members $10)

*No series points for these divisions. This encourages players to move up to the Amateur divisions when their skills exceeds that of a true beginner. This typically occurs after a few events.

You can join the BCDSS at any series tournament, by joining through your local club, or by joining directly through the BCDSS.

Series Points and Prizes

Points will be awarded to the winners of each division (except Novice and Juniors) in each event (10 for first, 9 for second, etc.) In the case of ties (only playoffs for 1st place) the points are divided equally, i.e., if two people finish tied for 2nd they each receive (9+8)/2=8.5 points, if three tie for second they receive (9+8+7)/3=8 points, etc. This way the total number of points for each event is the same (=10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1).

Overall series winners for each division will be determined by the sum of the 4 best events for each player. Ties for the top 3 places in the division will be broken in the final event and trophies/awards will be provided to the top 3 series finishers in each division (provided they have played in at least 3 tournaments). These awards may not be available until after the series is complete.


Updated payout tables are now available here, they are also available in MS Word: .doc.

Pro divisions will pay out 40% of the field, Advanced divisions will pay out 45% of the field, Amateur Intermediate/Novice/Junior divisions will pay out 50% of the field.

The BCDS has decided to continue the policy of prize payouts in place of cash payouts in all amateur divisions. This stays within the guidelines of amateur sport in BC where, by definition, amateurs should not receive cash. Prizes will be valued at below market cost to prize winners, increasing the value of prize packages. Pro divisions will continue to be paid out exclusively in cash. All divisions payouts are determined exclusively by the entry fees for that division.

We remain committed to advancing amateur participation at sanctioned events and we actively invite your feedback. Please contact any member of the Board to share your thoughts.

Tournament Director Information

Additional Tournament Director resources are being prepared, and existing resources are being updated:

Where the money goes:

The following table is drawn for an existing BCDSS Member and recognizes their $5 discount for being a member.


Entry fees go directly to payouts (whether they be cash or prizes). CTP (Closest to the Pin) are paid out at each event, while the Acepot is a rollover Ace Pot which accumulates until it is won. The BCDSS/DGB fee goes to the Disc Golf Branch for funding of their various programs and the Series fee goes to cover both series and tournament director expenses (e.g. trophies/awards, posters, score cards, permits, washrooms, etc.).


Pro Open Entry fees used for illustration.