Full Tournaments?

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Full Tournaments?

Postby dcowley » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:15 am

So obviously Duck Golf events are filling up, and they are filling up fast, which on one level is awesome... But on some other levels not awesome. So I'm personally curious about the following questions:

  1. Is the reason you want to play in these events, because they are Duck Golf? Or if there were other similar events around would you also/instead attend them?
  2. If different divisions were offered on different days (Pro's Saturday, Ams Sunday for example), are there lots of people who would be affected (e.g. families, travel buddies, etc...) who would now be screwed up?

I guess I'm really just wondering if there's actually demand for more events, and if so what type.
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Re: Full Tournaments?

Postby Jamie_S » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:17 pm

1. I would play other tourneys too for sure.
2. This wouldn't affect me hugely but I suspect it could suck for some ppl (i.e. Islanders wanting to share rides.)

What about league play for helping people to get their competitive fix? People just make say 6-8 person teams with whoever they want, and a schedule gets made up for the year. Could be that league days are the second and fourth Saturdays of each month or something. It means less time spent registering and waiting around and more time playing, since there can be different teams playing each other on the same day at different courses all around the province. I heard this approach has been really successful in Oregon.
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Re: Full Tournaments?

Postby Brett » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:31 pm

Junior/Am/Intermediate one day - Advanced & Open the next.
They share different courses anyways, so setup is not an issue.

Gosling Golf - Saturday
Duck Golf - Sunday + prizes


Ducks play Mornings each day.
Goslings Play afternoons each day.


Saturday Morning: Goslings
Saturday Afternoon: Ducks
Sunday Morning: Ducks
Sunday Afternoon: Goslings then prizes.

Gives reason for people to stick around - gives people (islanders) more travel time.
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Re: Full Tournaments?

Postby Miki » Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:26 pm

Tagboard comments pertaining to Duck Golf Registration issues for Duck Golf 2 at Burnaby. These are being captured for the benefit of the Board when this issue is formally discussed. Comments on the Tag Board only exist for so long, and these comments may be long gone by then...

Miki: Maybe if paid pre-registration is logistically not feasible, come up with a way to penalise no-shows who don't cancel. ie. Charge them extra $$ at the next BCDSS event they play. A black list.

Wes M: I would suggest the TD from the following Duck accept money for reg at break of present tourny. Those of us who make every single tourny won't be pushed out by no shows.

Wes M: Sorry last thought. Maybe the pentalty for no showing is that you are unable to pre reg for the following tourny. seems fair.

Hammer: i like the idea of payed pre reg at the previous duck golf. Your assuming that the td for next duck will be there though. As far as punishment for not showing, what about people who have an emergancy. Those people shouldnt be banned from the next one. Also i wasnt sure about Pender last year because of work, i cancelled asap but that would suck A. If i could go and wasnt reged or B. Wasnt allowed to the next one.

Wes M: I'm not saying banned I'm sayin not able to pre reg. not a single tourny has be full. yet pre reg is over by 30 ppl within 12 hours. this is because one guy emails with 10 names so they get spots. then decide later If they actually want to go. emergancys are rare and do happen. but 30+ no shows are not emergancys

Hammer: I agree with you and it does need to change. I think that making people pre pay is going to be the difference maker. If you cancel in less than 7 days you get none of your fees back. That should ween out a few of the people who sign up just in case.

whinners: some ppl wont know until the day of...if they aren't coming..its called life happens. as for those that reggy late...tfl ..show up day of. cant really punished ppl because life happens

solutiob: take pre reg away...only have sign up day of....gets rid of all the complaining

Chad: Pre-reg is necessary - we've gone the route of not having it before and it didn't work AT ALL

Chad: best solution might be a $10 deposit towards event cost via paypal - if cancelling less than say 3 days before (or no-show), it's forfeited and goes into prize pool.

be on the: ball when reggy opens everyone knew when it opened..we all know ppl do the just incase reg..TD 's can make a note of who doesnt show..talk to them figure it out...there is always gonna be this problem..ppl re reg with 15 names...all i can say is be on the ball

as whinners: Said, life happens and not everyone is able to sign up at 8:01. easy fix... only accept 1 signup per person via email.

David C: Not mentioned so far, is that the TDs are volunteers, (and so is the board for that matter) we should try to come up with solutions which are LESS work for them and not more.

N8ure boy: Preference to BCDSS members first - active for over 1 calender year or previous. (members who have contributed longer should be rewarded.) This is incentive for ppl to sign up for the following year.

Mike McG: It has been mentioned before (Ted, Dan W.) but I think hosting separate am and open tourneys would be the way to go in the future. Either over two days, or even better, same day, different courses.

Mike McG: For now,I think a paypal prepay would help to keep prereg honest. It would be more work for us TD's, but I hate telling people they probably wont play, and then being 15 ppl short of a full tourney.

What about: Tee times?

Stephano: Are we to understand here that emails were sent for DG reg with a list of players to sign up as opposed to those individuals submitting there own emails?

AH: Yes Stephano

Or: Give an option to those who play every tournament to be pre registered for the whole duck series.
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Re: Full Tournaments?

Postby coldazice » Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:58 pm

Pre registration is a method to help the TD's prepare for the administrative duties... It has turned into
A race to sign up... I wonder if you had to pay upfront how the numbers would increase or decrease.. When there was no sign up the system ran smoothly I thought... Just saying
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