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temp course "the Grove" squamish

Postby serdiscalot » Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:10 am

Good morning my fellow disc huckers,

With the lack of a proper course in Squamish I set up a temp course about 11 months ago in a really neat area of Squamish. it is mostly an approach type course with a least 22 tonals (stove pipe). trees, cliffs, drops and up hill are the standard for most holes. its down hill holes on the way out, tee pads aren't as well marked as I would like, but the ones that are hard to find are marked with pink or orange flagging. No long arms are needed just good accurate shots.

please note, this is Crown land & and as with any course, we play & respect the place & pack out what you pack in.

A few of my fellow Squamptonians have played it and I am sure they would be happy to show you around it before you head to Whistler or Brackendale for a round. I have kept it mostly secret till now for a few reasons. First being that there are a few climbing routes in that area, (its a dead end there are no hiking trails here) all the climbers that I have seen in there are pumped that a disc course is there now. Second beause of recent comments from some other discers who dont see eye to eye about such courses.

directions. drive on the sea to sky hwy north out of Britannia beach, near the top of the hill just past Brit you will see a tourist stop on your left... park there. walk 300 feet up the hwy and cross...on the right hand side you will see a big sign that says "welcome to Squamish" "outdoor rec capital of the whole universe" (but with no proper disc course). behind this sign is a small trail that leads up 4 or 5 minutes or so to the first tee pad. There is a small walk between holes one and two. (follow the deer paths) and there is also a log walk uphill between 3 and 4..

( I have thought about taking it down before next summer)

JW aka ser discalot

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