More PDGA events in 2013?

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More PDGA events in 2013?

Postby dcowley » Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:21 am

I know people are trying to accumulate points for qualifying to go to World's in 2014, and that in some cases that means that people need to play in more events. So I'm throwing the question out there, do we need more events before the end of the year that are PDGA events, and if so who's interested in playing? and would C-Tier be sufficient?

Also when I suggest this, I would be thinking of both the Pro and the Am categories being sanctioned, so that the Ams can also earn qualifying points.

As much as I'm personally known for running events in Burnaby, given that there's going to be a PDGA B-Tier at Robert Burnaby in less than a month, I would be looking to partner with another club to supply the course. Ideally, I'd also like someone else to step forward as the TD, but if there's enough demand for this idea, I'd be willing to TD an event at another course.

Assuming that people are generally supportive of this idea, what dates work best for people? Would it be worthwhile to put on an event on the Sunday after a Duck Golf at the same course, or a nearby course?

Anyway, this is just an idea, so if you think it's a good one, speak out.
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