Duck Golf #3 Nanaimo, November 30, 2013

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Duck Golf #3 Nanaimo, November 30, 2013

Postby Mike McG » Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:43 pm

Registration will happen between 7:45 and 8:45. Players meeting will happen directly after the end of registration, and we are aiming for a 9:00ish start. We will play 2 rounds of 18 holes on the normal course layout. Pin locations will be determined the week before, and I will not be printing out a map. Open divisions and amateur advanced will be playing the white/long tees, all other divisions will be playing blue/short tees. Due to the short days, be prepared for a short lunch break.
***The ever so kind, and lovely, Hella Hudson, will be making chili for all of us hungry and cold discers. Chili and a bun will be available for $4 if you are interested. Thanks Hella!***

**Layout update**
The normal course layout will be utilized and the alternate pin locations being utilized are as follows:
Hole 2: plays 30' right and 25' deeper. Hub city Huck Location
Hole 4: plays 75' longer and 30' left. HCH location.
Hole 6: plays 50' longer. HCH location
Hole 9: plays 70' longer and 70' to the left, up the hill. HCH location
Hole 12: 40' to the right, up the hill. HCH Location
Hole 14: 50' longer. HCH Location.
Hole 18: 80' longer to the new practice basket. HCH location.

Course map, with normal (shorter) layout can be found here:
Use this map to reference above changes.

Tournament central will be at the shelter near hole #1.

If you can not attend, please email me ASAP in order to help get those on the waitlist in.

Current Registration

Open (24):

Neville Collett
Eric Vachon
Dan Laitsch
Dave Ross
Craig Sheather
Dave Brown
Rob Abel
Daryl Dyson
Evan Eyles
David Cowley
Keith Barclay
Eric Dusch
Matt MacDonald
Matt Dixon
Geoff McNamara
Steve Mawdsley
Darrin Mickelson
Shawn Luco
Jamie Sorenson
Steve Crichton
Kris Klimko
Serge Gosselin
Braeden Simmonds
Chad Ellis


Claude Gignac


Ted Hickford
Jay Samms
Alex Fraser
Randy Strohan


Michelle Wilson
Colleen McDougall
Joan Gignac

Am Advanced(23):

Derek Wintermans
Morgan Rosato
Mike Warren
Mike Lunt
Matt Lum
Joey Wilson
Mike McGregor
Miguel Alvarado
Tim Forrest
Barrett Brown
Chris Hartmann
Brendan Armstrong
Malcolm Stooke
John Lock
Ryan Hammerquist
Griffin Fisk
Dax Braby
Eric Vanderwekken
Mason Bentley
Iain Warren
kingsley Ralling
Jim Cunningham
Josh Piche

Am Intermediate(15):

Jordan Meyer
Sean Campbell
Chris Miki
Eric Stephenson
Pam Gafencu
Peter Ploeger
Tobin Eyles
Owen James
Leucio Giannini
Joe Lackie
Brad Groat
Aaron Tomzsyk?
Gary Nixon
Steve Fox
Gerry Gauthier

Advanced Masters(5):

Lada Rezek
Stu Bell
Darrel Thrasher
Kevin Brown
Jeff Schmittlutz

Advanced Women(3):

Melissa Shanique
Michelle Kruger
Tara Lynch


Eric Wendland


Michelle Frigon


Selena Tank
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Re: Duck Golf #3 Nanaimo, November 30, 2013

Postby Mouse » Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:22 am

Can a map with the 2 pin placements along with Par and hole length pls be posted so we can print out.
Thank you!
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