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Disc Cellar recreational series

Postby dcowley » Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:35 pm

This idea is just that at this point. Throwing it out there to see if there's some traction for it or not.

It's too late to do this for the summer, but I was thinking that on non-Duck Golf dates it might be possible to run a 4 event series in the lower mainland...

Here's what I'm thinking, focus would be on Juniors, Women and recreational golfers. Divisions offered would be:

  • Junior I
  • Junior II
  • Junior III
  • Junior IV
  • Amateur novice women
  • Amateur recreational women
  • Amateur intermediate women
  • Amateur advanced women - if there's demand
  • Amateur novice
  • Amateur recreational
  • Amateur intermediate - if there's demand
  • propagators - group of 3 rated golfers who play in order to allow the other groups to get ratings if desired

The idea here is to focus on newer golfers, or those who don't enjoy playing 3-5 hour rounds and 36-44 holes in a day. Thinking the events would probably use existing recreational courses, and play 2 rounds of the recreational course. So courses like Mundy, Jericho, QE, Winskill would be 18 total holes; Burnaby would be 20 holes, Quilchena or Maple Ridge would be 24 holes, Langley all holes would not be played (or maybe you play all 18 holes, but with a "half time"). The projected result would be:
  • shorter rounds
  • longer lunch breaks
  • shorter courses
  • courses you can practice prior to the event
  • less intimidation
  • opportunity for clinics or other instruction
  • non-playing Tournament Director to help deal with any issues
  • #growthesport

Costs would be kept lower, payouts would be in vouchers/prizes and with series awards. Rentable discs and bags (maybe?).

My hope is that these events would appeal to more casual golfers who don't normally attend tournaments. That families could play together. That it would provide a good venue for regular tournament players to bring first timers and non-tournament friends out to give it a try knowing they would not be playing a soul crushing full day 36 hole, short lunch, start early, finish when it's dark sort of day.

Anyway, like I say, this is just a concept. So I welcome additional feedback on it, as well as other collaborators if other organizations, vendors, individuals are interested in getting in on the action.

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