Forget Ryder Cup, bring on Davis Cup

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Forget Ryder Cup, bring on Davis Cup

Postby dcowley » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:18 pm

Ok, so there's been discussion about Ryder Cup (JB Cup, Jim Brown Cup) and starting a club based league and things of that nature. Well the Ryder Cup format is borrowed from Ball Golf, and the original tournament itself is actually only ever between 2 teams. The JB Cup organizers have done their best to expand this original concept and to include additional teams. People are divided on how successfully they have done that, but they have definitely tried to do it.

So how about we stop trying to change the JB Cup, and let it be as it is now, with a solid written set of rules, and a process for new teams to be involved. If you don't like the rules, don't participate, it really is as simple as that.

Now the question is, can we make something just as good or better, that intends to highlight quality golf?

I say that we abandon the Ryder Cup format, and move towards the Davis Cup model. In the Davis Cup model, instead of only accounting for 2 teams (ever), there are now 122 teams participating at one level or another of the Davis Cup, with promotion and relegation taking place between 5 levels of competition in 3 separate defined regions (starting to sound promising already, isn't it?). You can read more about the Davis Cup here: and ... ormat.aspx

Conveniently we already have a regular provincial tournament series that sees most of the interested players travelling around the province already. I would suggest that on the Sunday following a Duck Golf tournament that a match be played between between the local club(s) and potential travelling clubs (head to head fashion).

I feel that we need to figure out a match play format (since that seems to be what people are looking for) that is accomplished in at most 2 rounds, although there could be mixed formats (e.g. doubles groups and singles matches being played simultaneously) during those rounds. I think that we want to be both inclusive and exclusive, by that I mean that we should try to keep the team size small, so that more clubs can participate, but I think that we want to force all team members to be members of the same club, and possibly be even more restrictive in not allowing them to choose their home course or just the club where they pay their dues, but to actually be restricted to a club that exists where they live or work. There are a lot of good golfers with addresses in Surrey who currently play for other "clubs", it would be nice to see them actually form a Surrey club (which could lobby for courses in Surrey, etc...) and represent Surrey. In this way the format could be used to help encourage the creation of additional official Disc Golf Clubs, and would provide them with an additional and separate purpose for existing (especially for clubs which might exist without a course: Victoria, Dawson Creek, Richmond, etc...). I don't feel that clubs necessarily need to be limited to one team in the event, given that all matches would be head to head, there really isn't an opportunity for collusion (not that anyone would do that anyway).

Ok, so that's my contribution to the brainstorming for now. What do people think, is this worth pursuing? Got ideas to add? Changes to propose?
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