Jim Brown Cup

Started in 2003, the Jim Brown Cup was established by Jas Bul and Dave “Hank” Stropky to promote top-level play across the premier clubs in BC. Initially focused on four clubs in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island (Queen Elizabeth, Mundy Park, the Islands, and Tsawwassen aka T-Town); through a new challenge match format the event has now expanded to include teams from anywhere in the province. In 2016 the Queen Elizabeth team dropped out of the competition leaving an opening for a new team to join the other three Cup teams. The winning teams are listed below and the full archives are available here.

Competing teams and teams interested in challenging into the event can find the full rules here. The Jim Brown Cup is normally held the weekend before Labour Day weekend.

Jim Brown Cup Champions

Year Location Winner
2003 Jericho QE
2004 Langley Mundy
2005 Mundy Park Islands
2006 Nanaimo QE
2007 Jericho QE
2008 Jericho Islands
2009 Nanaimo Islands
2010 Nanaimo QE
2011 Mundy Park Mundy
2012 Langley Mundy
2013 Nanaimo Mundy
2014 Nanaimo Mundy
2015 Mundy Park Mundy
2016 Joe Brown Islands