Joining the BCDSS:

BCDSS – Types of Memberships:

  • New players joining through an affiliated club: $5/membership year
  • Players who renew through a recognized BCDSS Club: $10/membership year
  • Players who sign up or renew individually: $10/membership year
  • OR, a player may pay a $5 Event Fee to receive BCDSS insurance coverage for an individual event only.

How to Sign Up:

BCDSS Membership Term

  • Your BCDSS membership term runs September 1 to August 31, as does the insurance term.
  • Who’s Current?
    • If you didn’t sign up for BCDSS membership at a tournament anytime after September, or by purchasing a BCDSS club membership through your local club, your BCDSS membership/insurance coverage is likely now expired. Please renew through your Club or at the next BCDSS event.

Check out the Benefits of BCDSS membership