Club Affiliation

How can your Club become a recognized BCDSS Disc Golf Club?
BCDS Club affiliation is based on membership numbers, as follows:

  1. Small club affiliation (2013/14)

    Small Club affiliation is for all clubs with at least 20 BCDS Individual Memberships.

  2. Large club affiliation (2013/14)

    Large Club affiliation is for all clubs with at least 50 BCDS Individual Memberships.

  3. The Club forwards an initial membership list to the BCDSS.
    • Send your completed BCDS Membership Form (Excel spreadsheet) to the BCDS webmaster who will forward to the membership coordinator.
    • Rest assured we do our best to safeguard your personal information at all times.
    • Please update your Membership List regularly. Be sure to send a copy to the DGB anytime you sign up more Club Members.
    • Don’t forget to send a cheque to BCDSS, or pay by PayPal
      pay by paypal (club payments only)
  • Proof of Insurance will be provided to the Club
    • Who’s Covered? It is the responsibility of the host Club to ensure that ALL participants of that Club’s events are current BCDSS members OR have paid the $5 Event Fee.
    • Membership fees, contact information and event fees are to be remitted to BCDS in a timely manner.
    • Clubs are advised to work together with authorities to ensure local event-hosting regulations are met.

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