Hopen Results

Hope results can be downloaded here. The top three finishers in each division are:

Round 1 Round 2 Total Round 1 Round 2 Total
Dan Laitsch* 56 54 110 Ryan Hammerquist 64 57 121
Kris Klimko 57 53 110 Gerry Gauthier 62 61 123
Glen Oliviero 55 55 110 Owen Baldry 63 62 125
*Places determined in a sudden death playoff
Leanne Fulton 60 59 119 Darrell Thrasher 64 60 124
Selena Tank 76 68 144 Kevin Brown 64 64 128
Jeff Schmitlutz 66 65 131
Darin Mickelson 64 67 131 INTERMEDIATE
Mike Graff 65 68 133 Owen James 63 57 120
Brad Henderson 68 68 136 Josh Evans 65 63 128
Erwin Fung 68 62 130
Jerry Boomer 69 69 138
Denis Riley 68 74 142

Hopen Map Revealed

Folks looking for the Hopen Map can find it below. As a reminder, check in is 8:30-9:00 Sunday, with the player meeting at 9:00 tee off at 9:30. Let’s show the good folks at Hope Golf and Country Club what a quality sport disc golf is!

Hope Disc Golf Course

VanCity United: Trilogy Challenge

The 4th event in the lower mainland series is the Trilogy Challenge on Monday August 4th. The event is specifically targeted towards newer or less experienced players.  Full registration details: http://vancityunited.discgolf.io/e/vancouver-trilogy-challenge

Registration deadline: before Wednesday, July 23rd.
Cost: $35 for non-BCDS members/ $30 for members (read the registration page on how to get the discount)

  • Check-in: 10am
  • Player’s meeting: 10:45am
  • First round: 11:00am

The player’s packages (included in your entry fee) includes all the equipment you need to play that day (you may only use the 3 new discs you receive):

  • Three previously unreleased disc golf discs
    • Dynamic Discs Thief (fairway driver)
    • Latitude 64 Claymore (midrange)
    • Westside Shield (putter)
  • A Trilogy Mini
  • Trilogy Stickers
  • A Trilogy Lanyard
  • A Trilogy Bag Tag
  • A Trilogy Koozie

Grouse, Nanaimo & Hope

Looks like it’s registration time.  Three upcoming events have just recently had their registrations open.  In order of urgency/occurance:

Of the above only the Hub City Huck is a PDGA sanctioned event (B-Tier), while the others are just local tournaments which require BCDS membership.

Grouse and The Hopen have their online registration provided by and through The Disc Cellar website, while Hub City Huck is through the NDGC website.

Additional events without online registration are taking place as well, so look around if you want to play more or less locally.

BC Open Registration Open

Visit the Disc Cellar to register. As a PDGA B-tier event, the BC Open includes $500 added cash and a players pack for each player! The recently upgraded summer course should be in play, and the course map will be released as the event gets closer. See LDGC for details as they arise.

2014/15 Membership Drive

The BCDS will award Practice Baskets to the first 12 clubs with 50 paid members for 2014/15 membership year. Current memberships expire August 31. Offer ends September 14, baskets to be awarded at the AGM. Contact Paul Brownfield (Membership Coordinator) to confirm your memberships.

Large club benefits

Clubs with 50 or more 2013/14 members—don’t forget to take advantage of the BCDS Large Club Affiliation package. The club will receive 50 BCDS stamped discs for use as the club sees fit (for fundraising, allocation to members, as event prizes, etc.) and 50 custom bag tags (valued at approximately $105—club to supply image for the tag stamp).  Contact Paul Bownfield (Membership Coordinator) to confirm your memberships.

BCDS Seeks Candidates for Provincial PDGA Representative

The BCDS would like to work more closely with the Provincial PDGA representative, to be elected this year. As a result, for the first time we will be endorsing a candidate in the election, and will invite the elected representative (endorsed or not) to sit on the BCDS Board. Individuals planning to run for this position and interested in being endorsed by the BCDS should contact Craig Sheather. We look forward to working more closely with the PDGA!

The BCDS announces a second round of Course Development Grants

The BCDS has allocated $4,000 to a second round of provincial course development grants for 2013/14. Applications must be received from a recognized club no later than May 30. There are no restrictions on the amount requested or requirements for a cash-match from the club; however, the pool is limited to $4000 across all applicants. As such, applicants are requested to provide a minimum and maximum grant request. Successful applicants will be expected to provide a report of the results of the grant to be presented at the AGM and archived on the Website. A letter of support from the municipality is required for all infrastructure improvements and course development, unless the course is on private land (in which case a letter of support from the owner is required).

Deadlines and submission information

To apply for these funds, please send a description of your course development project, as well as details regarding how the funds will be spent. Make sure to include a minimum and maximum funding request and send the entire package to Paul Brownfield. Closing date is May 30, 2014.